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Energie Fitness

Multi Hip Gym Machine at Best Price in India BK-016

Multi Hip Gym Machine at Best Price in India BK-016

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(L) - 970
(W) - 1300
(H) - 1540

Weight 271kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Energie Fitness BK-016 Multi Hip

Unlock ultimate lower body strength with our premium Multi Hip Gym Machine! Engineered for precision and comfort, our Best Multi Hip Gym Machine offers unparalleled performance.

Adjustable Seat

Discover India's best-priced Multi Hip Gym Machine with an adjustable seat for optimal workouts. Experience the best Multi Hip Exercise Machine designed for efficiency and performance.

Multi Hip Gym machine

Discover the ultimate Multi Hip Gym Machine in India! Get the best price on top-quality equipment designed for powerful hip exercises. Elevate your workout with our premium Multi Hip Exercise Machine, crafted for efficiency and results.

Discover the ultimate in fitness with our BK-016 Multi Hip Gym Machine, offering unparalleled quality and performance. Elevate your workout routine with the best-in-class Multi Hip Exercise Machine at the best price in India.

  • Energie Fitness BK-016 Multi Hip

    • Offers adjustable range of motion for hip exercises
    • High-quality build materials ensuring durability
    • Ergonomically designed for various user heights
    • Provides multiple grip options for varied workouts
    • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Other Brand

    • Limited range of motion
    • Material quality might vary
    • Limited adjustability for different heights
    • Limited grip variations
    • Noise or friction during use